In which I tell you how your religion works

This post is so much better than mine! Regardless of how you feel about the refugee situation, please read this. I love this post.

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christianity_versus_other_religions_blog-horngsawI am not a Christian.  That fact has probably been perfectly clear for a very long time; it doesn’t take a whole lot of reading around here to figure it out.

What may be less clear to non long-time visitors: Chances are I know way more about Christianity than you do.  Is that a guarantee?  No, not at all.  But most of you don’t have a Master’s degree in Biblical studies.  I do.  And I got it from one of the best divinity schools in the country.  So chances are I know more about Christianity and Western religion in general than you do.

I’ve been thinking about Jesus a lot in the last few days.  Maybe I should go full wanker here and call him Yeshua, or something, to rid him of some of the cruft that’s accumulated over the past 2000 years, but the point is I’ve spent a…

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5 thoughts on “In which I tell you how your religion works

  1. Damn this was a good post. I wanted to reach out and hug this guy, he’s that good. I’ve been saying the same thing and some people just don’t get it. He obviously knows xtianity but says he doesn’t know Buddhism. I have been a Nichiren Buddhist for nearly 30 years ( not to be confused with Tibetan, Zen, Shinto or any others. That is as different as being Mormon or Catholic. You will not find hateful Buddhists of any sect and hateful Christians are extremely easy to find. On one of my blogs – I have often written about Christianity or Buddhism and many times all I hear is 1. Why do you hate Christians? and 2. I feel so sorry for you because you are missing God’s loves love. NO I AM NOT. I knew then that they never read what I wrote. Don’t get me wrong. People can be Christian if they want to be. Everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe, but they shouldn’t pick and choose only the parts of their teachings they want to apply, and conveniently forget the rest. My last post was about how Christians politicians (and I use the term lightly) to try to change our constitution to suit their needs, because no, this is NOT a Christian nation no matter how many times someone repeats it.

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    1. Amen sister! You don’t get to pick and choose the parts you like. If you are going to claim a religion then you must claim all of it.
      I know i will get “scolded” for this comment but i don’t care. I am Christian but that doesn’t mean i have a right to cram my beliefs down someone else’s throat and tell them that my way is the only true way. I absolutely respect everyone’s right to believe as they choose. I don’t understand why we can’t all be right.
      I look forward to reading more about you. I am very happy and grateful to meet you!

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      1. No scolding from me. Everyone has the right to chose what they think is the truth or what gives them comfort in time of trouble. It’s when people try to make other people abide to what they believe that causes trouble. Like on issues of abortion. We need to have the choice. I am pro choice, but I were pregnant ( fat chance of that!) my choice would not be to have an abortion. Pro choice does not me you are pro abortion,but we can’t make that choice for others especially with the many circumstances that surround pregnancy. Politicians have long used these issues of control and know that half will side with them. Someone always loses. Religion should be personal, but for many hundreds of years it has been used. On my watchandwhirl blog I often write about religion and I often do get testy. A question I ask, but no one will answer because I think they can’t give me an honest answer, so they choose to ignore the question. Maybe you will answer. Why do you believe in Christianity? If you don’t want to answer on the blog, write to me at

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        1. At the risk of sounding incredibly stupid, it’s simply because it is what i was raised with. Until recently, that was enough for me. I am a little different though. I have never felt like my religion was the only true religion. Perhaps that alone disqualifies me from being a Christian. I WAS proud of being a Christian because i believed in the teachings of Christ. If being a Christian means feeling superior then i am in the wrong place.
          Oddly enough my new friend, you have me wanting to learn more about other teachings. I need something that makes me feel good about my purpose here. Something that will teach me to be a better person without having to feel self-righteous at the same time. I will never think of myself as smart enough to know all the answers. And it will never be my right to judge another human.
          I hope i was able to at least give you one answer. I wonder why other people don’t want to answer. Silly

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          1. You gave me the answer I knew you would – and it is one most people won’t admit. You believe in it simply because that is what you were told to believe in. Probably, like me, everyone I knew in my entire town was some form of Christian or Catholic. There was nothing else. Why would you believe it wasn’t true. Everyone else believed it. Many people are afraid of even learning about anything else because they are taught that it is blasphemy and God will be mad at you. You could go to that frightful place called hell! People have a general need of being cared for – looked after – loved. When life doesn’t go right it has to be because God has a plan. When life works, God loves them and answered their prayer, and when things go wrong then God is testing them and they have to trust that he knows best. When you look at it rationally, and let go of the idea that you have to have blind faith in an idea that has really only ever been used as a way to control the masses and you don’t have to follow it, it is freeing to know you areally are in control of your life – not an outside entity that has open arms waiting for you to get to heaven. Christianity sounds so nice and there are so many God posters on facebook that have a direct link and tell you everything God is thinking and what he wants and says. Catholicism is the most depressing of all religions and it is the most controlling. The Vatican is the the most corrupt organizations ever formed, and yet people let themselves be controlled because they ha e to follow the pope, or whoever is the pope and do what he says. Creepy. This is a long conversation. I have written many times on Watch and Whirl about this, and also what I believe and why. An easy place to start is a website called Take a look and tell me what you think. It took me a long time – 14 years – to understand I needed to know this because I thought I could understand life without help from any one. I was clueless. Then I listened. That was 28 years ago. Even Jamie, in prison, is studying and it has been the way he has kept himself together – by beginning to learn this. You don’t have to believe in Christianity. I promise, nothing will happen to you. But changing to anything takes time. There is no such thing as blind faith. What you believe has to prove itself true in your life – while you are living. Christianity’s rewards are after you die and that makes no sense. You have the right to be happy and the right to choose what kind of life you want to have. We will talk more. 😉

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