More tonight

I plan to write more after I get my 12 year old to bed tonight. I just wanted to let folks know that the story about my mom is not private. I would not disrespect her that way. My mom has written a book about her life by the name of “Racheltracks”. Almost everything I have told you or will tell you regarding the beginning of her life is chronicled in her book. She started writing the book because I was in a mental hospital and I wanted her to come get me. She was living in Italy at the time and we had not spoken for years. I had seriously attempted suicide three times in six months. I had gotten pregnant at seventeen just like my mom. My dad forced me to have an abortion. I wanted to die. She started writing the book because she did not know what to say to me after several years of being estranged. She goes into a lot of detail about the things I have written about here.

It’s a good book. I love it.

I have to go get Josh from soccer and hope to continue our story once he is in bed. Thank you so much for you positive feedback.

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